Barry Bowerman - A Palette for Nature

*Artist in Acrylics, pastels, coloured pencil, pen & ink

Barry uses his keen interest in nature and attention to detail to accurately portray a wide range of subjects in their natural surroundings.  His artwork is the culmination of bringing an extensive number of photographic and physical references together in the construction of the final composition.   The entire process results in an ongoing growth in the understanding of the wildlife subject itself and the subtle nuances of the environmental setting within which one would expect to find it. 

Although working predominantly in acrylic, Barry also uses coloured pencil, pastel and pen & ink.  Over the years, the scope of his subject matter has been broadened to include landscapes and portraiture. 

The portrayal of landscapes and natural settings offer their own challenge of creating the mood of the moment by transferring the image on to the canvas or board.  It forces the artist to understand the use of colour and light to capture this moment in time.

In a time when many of our birds and mammals are endangered and at risk of extinction, it is of paramount importance to create a legacy of images that can serve as a reminder of the majesty that once was or an inspiration for actions to save them.

The same rationale applies to landscape subjects.  The growth of urban areas puts increased pressure to preserve wilderness areas.  Landscape images that create a sense of awe and evoke emotion from the viewer can only help to increase awareness of conservation.